Introducing Bondi

Categories: LLC is happy to announce the release of Bondi on the Apple AppStore in both English and Spanish. If you ever have the fortune to visit the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, make sure you have Bondi at your side.

Bondi is Spanish slang for city bus and is the term used by Montevideo locals to refer to their urban busses. Our Bondi app presents all of the Montevideo urban stops on a map and then allows you to select and then view all of the bus lines running through that stop. You can then filter those lines for time of day and type of day (the busses run on different schedules on weekdays vs. Saturday and Sunday).


Here come the bondis!

One question that pops up on Reddit /r/iOSProgramming frequently is “are there production applications written only in Swift?” and we can definitely (and proudly!) say, Bondi is written only in Swift! We’ve had nothing but great success with the Swift programming language and have included frameworks such as XCGLogger and Alamofire in our development.

During the process of developing Bondi we learned a few tips and tricks that we’d like to share; one for iAd presentation and the other for the frosted background effect when presenting a modal view controller. We’ll be writing up posts to describe both of these techniques soon!

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