A Script for Testing Membership in a Unix Group

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Sometimes you just need a boolean test for a given question. In this post we’ll look at answering the question, “Is this user in a given group?” Seems simple enough.

It’s easy to see what groups a user is a member of in a shell:

[code lang=text]
% id
alice@iachieved.it@darthvader:~$ id
uid=1068601116(alice@iachieved.it) gid=1068601115(iachievedit@iachieved.it) groups=1068601115(iachievedit@iachieved.it),1068600513(domain users@iachieved.it),1068601109(linux ssh@iachieved.it),1068601118(application deployment@iachieved.it)

Note that Alice is an Active Directory domain user. We want to test whether or not she is a member of the application deployment@iachieved.it group. We can see this with our eyes in the terminal, but a little scripting is in order. We’ll skip error checking for this first example.


Let’s take it out for a spin.

[code lang=text]
alice@iachieved.it@darthvader:~$ ./uig.sh `whoami` "linux administrators@iachieved.it"
User alice@iachieved.it IS NOT in group linux administrators@iachieved.it

Now let’s test whether or not Alice is in the application deployment@iachieved.it group:

[code lang=text]
alice@iachieved.it@darthvader:~$ ./uig.sh `whoami` "application deployment@iachieved.it"
User alice@iachieved.it IS in group application deployment@iachieved.it

Terrific. This will come in handy in the next blog post.

Let’s clean this up into a function that can be sourced in a script or shell:

[code lang=text]
alice@iachieved.it@darthvader:~$ uig `whoami` "linux ssh@iachieved.it"
alice@iachieved.it@darthvader:~$ echo $?

Or, the invocation we’re most likely to use:

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