Seriously Good Coffee Doing Serious Good

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In the fall of 2018 my CEO and friend David Michel sat down next to me at our corporate Thanksgiving lunch. “Joe, let me show you something,” he said as he pulled out his iPhone. Swiping left and headed for the Photos app he leaned in and exclaimed, “I’m thinking about starting a coffee company.”

I admit that I was confused. “What?” I said, “are you bored here?” “No, no!” he said, and then started to tell me about the story of Hogar Metodista in Costa Rica. Founded by Ray and Lidia Zirkel, the mission of the home is to provide a refuge for Costa Rican children who have been abandoned and need a safe, loving, Christian environment to call their own. The idea behind starting the coffee company was to begin building a sustainable source of income to support that mission.

A week later I e-mailed David writing, “If you need some help, and will have me, I’d love to be a part of this mission.” An hour later he replies, “Just yesterday, I was thinking that I’d love to have you involved.” So involved I became and together with David and others we built Seriously Good Coffee.

Every cent of the net proceeds from every bag (at least $3 per bag) goes to support a Children’s Home in Costa Rica called Hogar Metodista.

There is no one on the Seriously Good Coffee payroll and we work tirelessly to maximize the amount of money that goes to the children’s home. So, if you are interested in not only enjoying a cup of seriously good coffee, but doing some serious good while you’re at it, come visit our Shop page!

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