HomeKit Not Likely Ready Until 2015


In the Gomer Pyle Surprise, surprise! category, Mashable.com posts an article surmising that Apple HomeKit won’t be ready until 2015. The reasons they list as possibilities as to why HomeKit will be delayed until next year are that “it takes time for developers and manufacturers” to build new products and perhaps they want to release HomeKit and Apple Watch together. The latter makes no sense to me, but as to the former, well, all I can say is that it takes a real long time for a developer to develop a product when working with incomplete and incorrect specifications, or specifications that change drastically at the last minute prior to the release of iOS 8.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at HomeKit and it’s time to take a fresh look and get over the fact that there will likely be even more heartburn ahead trying to work with shifting specifications. But yeah, I agree, HomeKit won’t likely be ready this year for the average user, or developer for that matter.

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