Faster Carthage Builds


I love Carthage for managing external dependencies in my Xcode projects. What I don’t care for is that most READMEs have you edit your Cartfile and then run carthage update. By default this will compile the dependencies for every target that the 3rd party framework supports: iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. If I’m working on an iOS-only project that’s a significant waste of my time.

Lucky for us you can bypass all that and specify only the platform you want to build for with the --platform argument:

notification git:(master) carthage update --platform ios
*** Fetching SQLite.swift
*** Checking out SQLite.swift at "8b95a0c4a884f35e5102cd306f634680255473bb"
*** xcodebuild output can be found in /var/folders/b_/mwxmgbj530l2l5jzl6ygnqtr0000gn/T/carthage-xcodebuild.P0EL0n.log
*** Building scheme "SQLite iOS" in SQLite.xcodeproj

You can also specify a number of platforms using a comma-separated list: carthage update --platform tvos,ios.

The --platform argument can also be used with the build command: carthage build --platform ios

So, stop wasting time building for platforms you don’t need. Use --platform and call out only those your project supports!

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