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  1. John CutlerReply

    Hello – and thanks so much for all your hard work on Open Source Swift!

    I have Swift-2.2 working on a Beaglebone Black running Debian, but the REPL is still a bit wonky…
    Have you had time/been able to update the arm7-linux-gnueabli package since your December 22 2015 post? Are you planning to update it to Swift-3.0?

    Thank you very much

    • Joe Post authorReply

      John, you’re quite welcome. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to work with the ARM or x86 packages as of late. Folks have been working with ARM and I just need to sit down and try to build it on the BeagleBoard X15 I have.

  2. John CutlerReply

    Thanks for getting back to me. How did you get an X15 ???? I didn’t think they were out yet

  3. John CutlerReply

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have installed swift-3.0 on a Debian stretch VM running on a 64bit box and on it, REPL and lldb work well. But, on the Beaglebone Black 32 bit Armhf board the REPL and lldb have problems. I don’t know enough to attempt an armhf swift build myself, so I’m hoping (shamelessly) to convince you to update yours :). Thanks!

  4. ThomasReply

    Hello guys,

    first things first: Great job and huge thanks to push Swift in the OSS.
    Is it possible to persist the latest successfully incremental build under a static link? That would be great for some easy to use setup scripts for Swift on the RaspberryPi.

    Would love to help you with that. Thank you very much.

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